Blanco Schools Excel

Blanco Schools Excel

Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the Blanco County offers many reasons to call the area home. Not only does it provide all the benefits of a smaller town, including security, natural living, quiet and a sense of community, its nearness to the metropolitan cities of San Antonio and Austin provide access to large employers, shopping and major events. One of its biggest benefits, however, is the exceptional educational opportunities the Blanco Independent School District provides to area children.

Blanco ISD serves the pre-k to 12th grade educational needs of the community in and around Blanco, TX and surrounding areas, extending in some areas to include portions of the counties of Hays, Comal, Kendall and Gillespie. Universitas Swasta di Bandung
Three schools make up Blanco ISD, one each of an elementary, middle school and high school, with a total school population of approximately 950 students. This smaller population allows the district to provide more one-on-one instruction to students due to smaller classroom sizes and better teacher to student ratio, with Blanco reporting an average of 10.5 students per teacher versus the state average of 14.5.

Thanks to a dedication to providing quality education, Blanco ISD has once again received top ratings from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) which mandates and tracks the performance of all Texas public education schools. In TEA’s 2009-2010 School Report Card report, Blanco ISD was categorized a “Recognized” school by the State and overall exceeded state testing averages (TAKS test) in Reading, Math, Konseling Online Science and Social Studies. As a result, grades 3-11 were given three Gold Performance Acknowledgments for their scores in Writing, Social Studies and Comparable Improvement in Mathematics.

Individually, Blanco Elementary received an “Exemplary” rating by the TEA, exceeding state averages for all mandated tests by nearly 10%. Blanco Middle School and Blanco High School were each given “Academically Acceptable” ratings, with Blanco High School receiving two Gold Performance Acknowledgements for achievement in College-Ready Students and SAT/ACT scores. Blanco High School both exceeded state averages for number of students taking the SAT and ACT and scored well above average scores for both tests. Additionally, the high school improved upon state averages for four-year completion rates by over 15%, with an average completion to graduation in 2009 of 96.1%.

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